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Cake and Ice Cream Cakes
9" Round Cake
Serves 8-15

Sheet Cakes
4” x 8”.......serves 6-8.......
6” x 8”.......serves 8-12....... $30.00
8” x 8”
.....serves 10- 16..... $42.00
8” x 12”
..serves 15- 24..... $52.00
8” x 16”
...serves 24- 32..... $70.00
12” x 16”...serves 32- 48... $

Made with your choice of ice cream on top of White, Chocolate, Marble or Banana Nut Cake
Ice Cream Cake Pictures

Ice Cream Pies
Made with up to 3 flavors of ice cream, in either a graham cracker or chocolate cookie crust
Serves 6 –10


Our Most Popular Pies

Turtle Pie
Chocolate pie crust, a layer of fudge, filled with Pralines & turtle pieCream ice cream, topped with creamy caramel and whipped topping

Mud Piemud pie
Graham cracker pie crust, a layer of fudge, filled with Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream, topped with dark chocolate fudge and whipped topping

cookie pie Cookie Pie
Chocolate pie crust, a layer of fudge, Cookies & Cream ice cream, topped with Oreo cookies and whipped topping.

Cheesecake Pie
Graham cracker pie crust, filled with Strawberry CheesCheesecakeecake ice cream, topped with strawberries and whipped topping

Banana Split Pie
We start with a graham cracker pie banana split piecrust, add a layer of bananas, then a layer of strawberry ice cream, topped with pineapple, then add layers of chocolate and vanilla ice creams, finishing with chocolate and marshmallow toppings, bananas, almonds, and cherries!



fudge nut cakeAll Ice Cream Cakes
10 " Round, iced and decorated, if desired
Small.............serves 6-10 $30.00
Medium........serves 10-15 $40.00
Large............serves 12-20 $50.00

Fudge Nut Cake
Ice cream round, your choice of ice cream flavor, topped with fudge and covered with chopped almonds.


Cake and Ice Cream

$3 each, $14 1/2 dozen or
$24 dozen



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cake specials
2-Tier Cake and Ice
Cream Cake


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